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Woods Bagot - Csilla Csabai & Andrew Tang-Smith

Csilla is a Senior Interior Designer who has taken on the additional roles of Studio Practice Manager and Studio Technical Leader for Woods Bagot’s Perth Studio.

Csilla has received her Qualification in Hungary and build her understanding of the history of craftsmanship and detailing exhibited in complex European Architecture and Interior Design.

She has shown a deep interest in the ‘why, how, and what?’ aspects of the delivery of the studio’s projects. The intricacies of translating a concept into a tangible 3-dimensional structure fascinate her.

Her objective is to provide well-educated, sustainable design solutions and uphold the Perth Studio's high-quality standards.

Csilla mentors high school students to achieve their career goals and play a role in the in-house mentoring of young talents.

Andrew is currently an Associate Principal at Woods Bagot and the Architectural design lead of the Perth studio. After graduating from Curtin in 2011, he travelled to China to reconnect with this heritage but also as the recipient of the Australia Chamber of Commertver Scholarship and began an internship at the Woods Bagot Beijing Studio. He has since had his fair share of international and local experience, building expertise on large mixed-use, civic and tall tower projects from China to Dubai; and nationally, as a registered architect on a variety of projects in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

He has since settled back in Perth with a young family for the past 3 years and has been leading the design team, driving design concepts and competitions and taking projects to completion.

Andrew enjoys continued engagements with Curtin University, regularly mentors budding talents and has periodically been sessional academic teaching mainly in the field of design and urban studios.

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