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Element - Andrew Howe

The Regions, Revitalisation and the Role of Urban Design

Andrew is a strategic thinker who brings together finely tuned technical skills and delivery experience, enabling creative ideas to land in practical execution. This experience comes from over 3 decades of design with state government development agencies, 4 years in Sydney for a consulting firm, and for the past 25 years with element where he has been part of the leadership team that has grown the business from 3 people to the 45 people it employs today.


His depth of knowledge around commercial drivers, persistent yet practical approach, ability to think on his feet, and commitment to working authentically with local communities to realise their place potential has enabled him to break new ground in areas such as developing planning controls, raising urban design standards and embedding placemaking principles into management of billion-dollar assets.


In the future, Andrew sees that planners and designers will need to more deliberately orientate thinking toward new drivers for commercial activity and employment generation as the internet and automation continues to shake up life as we know it. 

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