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Rita Topa
Kengo Kuma and Associates

Title- Process in Architecture and storytelling /Seeking serendipity through materiality and craftmanship, within an increasingly efficient and connected world. 

Partner at Kengo Kuma and Associates, where Rita has gained extensive experience leading international projects across Asia, Europe, and Middle East. She specialises in public and cultural projects and has played an integral role in spearheading numerous initiatives abroad, including the extension of The Gulbenkian Museum, Founders’ Memorial in Singapore, and the Expo Osaka 2025- Portugal Pavilion. 


Originally from Portugal, Rita has been residing and working in Japan for more than a decade as a creative artist and architect. She believes in collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to develop out-of-the-box solutions for innovative design and architectural spaces. With a keen understanding that context is critical.  


She holds a master’s degree from Yokohama Graduate School of Architecture, Yokohama National University, under the guidance of Rue Nishizawa. Her expertise in architecture and urban planning has been instrumental in approaching projects she has worked on. 

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