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Lucian Hicks

Title- People. Places. Things.




Place is keenly aware of the importance of urban fabric – in the streets, urban spaces, parks, and the lives of a city’s users in successful outcomes. Place draws on the sensorial, social, cultural, and artistic qualities of cities in many parts of the world, and the diverse cultures of their inhabitants. Place considers the daytime and night-time events and activities – from people’s banal daily routine to grand mass celebrations – that activate cities year-round.  

Place is looking beyond design and balancing the physical characteristics of ecology and site with climate and economics, and further with vital people-led aspects of social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

In this lecture, Lucian outlines the grounding aspects that define authentic and public places in the 21st century, supported by recent projects that explore the pursuit of place in the design and delivery of culture, residential, public domain, and infrastructure projects.  

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