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OMA - David Gianotten

David Gianotten is the Managing Partner – Architect of OMA. He oversees the overall organisational and financial management, business strategy, and growth of OMA in all markets, in addition to his own architectural portfolio.

As partner-in-charge, David currently leads the design and construction of projects in different regions, including the Taipei Performing Arts Centre; the Prince Plaza Building in Shenzhen; the masterplan of Rotterdam’s Feyenoord City and the design of the new 63,000-seat Feyenoord Stadium; Amsterdam’s Bajes Kwartier—conversion of a large 1960s prison complex into a new neighborhood with 1,350 apartments; and VDMA—transformation of an unused site with industrial heritage in Eindhoven into a mixed-use urban hub.

David has led the design and realisation of the Potato Head Studios—a resort in Bali (Completed 2020), the New Museum for Western Australia in Perth (Completed 2019), MPavilion 2017 in Melbourne and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange headquarters (Completed 2013). He was responsible for the end stages of the CCTV headquarters in Beijing (Completed 2012). Projects led by David have been published worldwide, and have received awards including the 2017 Melbourne Design Awards and the CTBUH Awards in 2013. David lectures around the world about his projects, and on topics including the future of the architectural profession, the role of context in projects, and speed and risk in architecture.

David joined OMA in 2008, launched OMA’s Hong Kong office in 2009, and became partner in 2010. He has led OMA’s portfolio in the Asia-Pacific region for seven years. In 2015, he returned to the Netherlands to oversee OMA globally as Managing Partner – Architect. Before joining OMA, he was Principal Architect at SeARCH in the Netherlands.

Since 2016, David has been a professor in the Architectural Urban Design and Engineering department at the Eindhoven University of Technology, where he is a graduate in Architecture and Architectural Engineering. He also serves on the board of the Netherlands Asia Honors Summer School.

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